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Welcome to #MakersWednesday, where we take a moment, mid-week, to celebrate the Maker in all of us!

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So, this week I’ve been second-guessing myself a little bit, and arguing inside my own head. It all started because my husband and I have plans to see Book of Mormon when it comes to Nashville in November, and I wanted something snazzy to wear. I decided to make a knitted shawl to go with a dress that I haven’t yet purchased. So I pulled a soft, sparkly, green skein out of my stash and got to work! I picked the Morrigan pattern because it’s lovely (and free, bonus!), and leafy, and fun. I thought it would be a nice way to challenge myself to get back into knitting lace, and a gorgeous finished shawl at the end. Here’s my in-progress shot:


I got into a groove with this pattern on the second repeat of the first chart, and I started feeling pretty good about it! And then … Project Doubt set in. I started having the argument inside my head:

Me 1: This is fun! I’m enjoying this!

Me 2: Yeah, but are you really going to wear it? It’s going to be pretty big, isn’t that kind of formal and/or old-fashioned for wearing to Book of Mormon?

Me 1: Well, maybe, but I can always scrunch it on my neck – and besides, what else am I going to wear instead?

Me 2: Um, how about your silk chiffon South Park infinity scarf? Isn’t this, like, the perfect opportunity to wear that thing?

Me 1: Well, crap. You’re so right! I’m totally gonna wear that scarf instead!

Me 2: So, why are you still knitting that shawl?

Argh! Right?!? Oh well, I’m still going to knit the shawl, because it is a fun and somewhat challenging knit, and it will be beautiful when it’s finished. If I decide it’s too formal to me, I can always use it as a decoration or give it away as a gift.

So, what are you making this week? Do you ever argue with yourself inside your own head about your projects? I’d love to know – share in the comments or tag social media posts with #MakersWednesday!

PS. You really want to see that scarf, don’t you? I thought so – here it is:

You’re welcome.

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