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Circle Up: Building Community

Circle Up: Building Community

Posted By on Nov 3, 2014

circle up community building

This week, I’ve been really inspired by a couple of ladies I follow on Instagram – @MelanieBurk and @HelloTosha. For the past two weeks, these Instagrammers have been posting beautifully designed images featuring quotations from inspiring women. They’ve featured everyone from Mother Theresa to Coco Chanel, and they’ve done it with gorgeous images and inspiring stories/biographies in the comments.

The thing is, these savvy biz owners aren’t selling anything in these posts. What they’re doing is building up a following. I know for me, I’ve found these posts riveting – I’m drawn not only to the beauty of the quotes as they have laid them out in 640 pixels but also in the stories they tell of the lives of these inspiring women. Every night as I log into Instagram, I find myself scrolling quickly through other peoples’ posts so I can get to the good stuff – the quotes from Melanie and Tosha.

Do you see how valuable this is? They’re making me not only enjoy their Instagram posts, but also look forward to reading those posts and even visit them often enough to write a blog post about it for all of you! Like a children’s librarian inviting children to sit in a circle and be delighted by today’s story, these women have crafted an experience – and in doing so, they’ve crafted a community of followers & fans.


So of course, the next time I’m looking for something related to what they sell (Melanie has an awesome shop full of goodies and Tosha is a graphic designer and print artist), I’m going to head for their shops! Because I genuinely want to support these artists, who have brought a daily dose of joy and inspiration to my tablet & cell phone screens.

Isn’t that what marketing is supposed to be about? These biz owners have built a community around a simple idea – sharing favorite quotes.

How will you build YOUR community?
photo credit: robynejay via photopin cc

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