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Welcome to #MakersWednesday, where we take a moment, mid-week, to celebrate the Maker in all of us!

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So, this week I’ve been second-guessing myself a little bit, and arguing inside my own head. It all started because my husband and I have plans to see Book of Mormon when it comes to Nashville in November, and I wanted something snazzy to wear. I decided to make a knitted shawl to go with a dress that I haven’t yet purchased. So I pulled a soft, sparkly, green skein out of my stash and got to work! I picked the Morrigan pattern because it’s lovely (and free, bonus!), and leafy, and fun. I thought it would be a nice way to challenge myself to get back into knitting lace, and a gorgeous finished shawl at the end. Here’s my in-progress shot:


I got into a groove with this pattern on the second repeat of the first chart, and I started feeling pretty good about it! And then … Project Doubt set in. I started having the argument inside my head:

Me 1: This is fun! I’m enjoying this!

Me 2: Yeah, but are you really going to wear it? It’s going to be pretty big, isn’t that kind of formal and/or old-fashioned for wearing to Book of Mormon?

Me 1: Well, maybe, but I can always scrunch it on my neck – and besides, what else am I going to wear instead?

Me 2: Um, how about your silk chiffon South Park infinity scarf? Isn’t this, like, the perfect opportunity to wear that thing?

Me 1: Well, crap. You’re so right! I’m totally gonna wear that scarf instead!

Me 2: So, why are you still knitting that shawl?

Argh! Right?!? Oh well, I’m still going to knit the shawl, because it is a fun and somewhat challenging knit, and it will be beautiful when it’s finished. If I decide it’s too formal to me, I can always use it as a decoration or give it away as a gift.

So, what are you making this week? Do you ever argue with yourself inside your own head about your projects? I’d love to know – share in the comments or tag social media posts with #MakersWednesday!

PS. You really want to see that scarf, don’t you? I thought so – here it is:

You’re welcome.

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Welcome back to #MakersWednesday, where we celebrate the creativity in all of us!

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As you may remember, last week I posted about my mystery shawl, and I gave you a progress photo. Well, that mystery continues to pique my interest! In the second clue, the shawl took on a whole new shape. We ended up seaming a few edges together and then adding a new “growth” off the side, so now it looks like this:

I’m very curious as to how this is going to play out, but there are still three more clues!

So, what crafty mysteries have YOU been solving this week? Leave a comment and tell us about it, or share on social media with the hashtag #MakersWednesday!

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Happy Wednesday, Makers! We’re so happy to have you here with us on the day we celebrate the Maker in all of us.

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This week, I’ve got a mystery project going on! This is a mystery knit-along by knitting designer Josh Ryks. The pattern is called “Urban Survival,” and instead of getting the whole pattern at one time, Josh is releasing it as a series of clues (one per week for a period of 5-6 weeks, I believe). I had a bit of a problem with my first color selection because the grey I had chosen didn’t show up on the background color well enough. So I went back to the dye pots, and I’m much happier with my project now! This is the first clue, near the beginning (the overall shape doesn’t change within this clue, it just gets more of this stripe sequence):

I’m excited to see where the next clue will lead – stay tuned, because I’ll share the next one on another edition of #MakersWednesday!

Now, it’s your turn – what have you been making this week? Share with us in the comments below, or tag your creations on Instagram and Twitter with #MakersWednesday. We’ll see you there!

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Welcome to #MakersWednesday, where we take a mid-week break to celebrate Making. (Did you know, the President declared a National Day of Making? It was a Tuesday, but we’re still pretty excited!)

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Do you remember that last week I posted about all the fun I was having knitting the Frisson shawl? Well, now I’ve got a finished picture to show you!

My finished Frisson shawl

My finished Frisson shawl

I really enjoyed this knit from start to finish, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of the finished accessory as soon as it stops being so hot here. đŸ™‚

What are you working on this week? We’d love to see! Share a link in the comments below or tag it on social media with #MakersWednesday so we can check out your creations!

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