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Poke the Box is a call to action from Seth Godin, the influential marketer. It is an inspiration that will get you up and doing … and then finishing a new project, business idea, or product!

This is part of a series of book reviews — all written in quotes. Hope you like it!

The irony for the person who prefers no movement is that there’s far less turbulence around the log floating down that same river. It’s moving, it’s changing, but compared to the river around it, it’s relatively calm.
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The seventh imperative is to have the guts and the heart and the passion to ship.
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The opportunity lies in pursuing your creativity.
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What differentiates us from every other creature is that we go places, places we’ve not gone before. We do it willingly, and often. What makes our work and our life interesting is discovery, surprise, and the risk of exploration.
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Please stop waiting for a map. We reward those who draw maps, not those who follow them.
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Something new is often the right path when the world is complicated.
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Joy comes from surprise and conniption and humanity and transparency and new.
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Part of initiating is being willing to discover that what you end up with is different from what you set out to accomplish.
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Innovation is mysterious. Inspiration is largely unpredictable. But it’s obvious from all the success we see in the marketplace that we can rise to the occasion. Once the habit is ingrained and you become the starter, the center of the circle, you will find more and more things to notice, to instigate, and to initiate. Momentum builds and you get better at generating it.
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Poke the Box

by Seth Godin

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