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Welcome to Maker’s Wednesday, where we take a day out of our busy weeks to celebrate the Maker in all of us.

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This week, I’ve got shawls on the brain again! This time I want to participate in a Mystery Knit-Along: Urban Survival by Josh Ryks.

Have you ever participated in a mystery KAL before? The basic idea is that you don’t know what the pattern will look like – only the essential information. (For instance, for this pattern I know that it will be a shawl and that it will use three colors and a variety of stitch techniques, but that’s it!) The designer of the pattern reveals the pattern in stages, or clues, over a period of time and you knit along until the pattern is over.

Of course, the bad part about this is that you might end up with a project you don’t love (since you couldn’t see the result before you started knitting), but in my case I figure I can probably give it as a gift if I don’t really like it for myself. Plus, I love the other designs by this particular designer so I’m fairly confident I will enjoy this one as well.

My task for now is to figure out which yarns to use! I’ve got three options, and I’m waiting to hear back from the designer about his recommendations before I choose:

IMG_2115 IMG_2117 IMG_2118

Right now I’m leaning toward the first and last combinations, but we’ll see if he says I need to stick with the tamer combination of the second. What’s your favorite?

What about you – what are you making this week? Share it with us on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #MakersWednesday!

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