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Periscope for Makers

Periscope for Makers

Posted By on Aug 3, 2015

Periscope for small business

There’s a new social media tool on the scene, and it may be one that leaves you going – huh?

Periscope is a new medium for interacting with people LIVE, via video feed. You turn on your phone or tablet, start recording, and do your thing. Then it’s over, and it replays for a little bit of time and then it’s gone.

So … why should you be using it, then?

The beauty of Periscope is that it doesn’t last forever. It’s a fun, quick way to interact with people without worrying about looking silly or having a bad hair day, because it’s not going to stay around the Internet forever and get re-tweeted into the ether if you mess something up. It’s meant to be informal and fast, so there’s really very little need to prepare for it.

What kinds of things should you put on Periscope, you may be asking? Here’s a list of ideas!

  • behind-the-scenes tours of your studio/work space
  • a video journal, outlining your newest product/creation and how you came up with the idea
  • a demonstration that shows your product(s) in action
  • a quick how-to that uses your products (how to draw X, how to paint your nails like a pro, how to wind a skein of yarn into a ball, how to wear a twisted headband)
  • a live Q&A session where people can ask you about your area of expertise
  • an explanation of how you do something (how I manage my business with kids, how I keep track of my sales, how I plan my color schemes, how I organize my ribbon collection)
  • a show-and-tell of your favorite tools (markers, calligraphy pens, knitting needles, online apps)

The tagline for Periscope is, “Exploring the world through someone else’s eyes.” So just think about what “your world” is, in terms of your brand, your business, your persona – and then show that to your audience!

It’s a good idea to have a place for people to find out you’re going to be on Periscope; post messages to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or your blog when you’re going to go live, and invite people to join you!

Want more ideas + inspiration? Here are some biz smarties and what they have to say about Periscope:

Have we inspired you? Share your Periscope stories with us in the comments!

photo credit: Periscope on Android via photopin (license)

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