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Welcome to #ThinkCreateReflect, where we slow down at the end of the week and take the time to work through a creative or business-related prompt (or both!). We’re glad you’re here to join us!

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With this week’s prompt, it’s time to spruce up your work space with an inspiring print!

Think of your favorite quote – the one that really inspires you in your creative work. (Don’t have one? You can probably find one here!)
Now, let’s turn that quote into some inspirational art for your walls! There are several options, but let’s start with three:
  1. Use a word processing program on your computer (or Google Docs) and pick a fun + funky font with bright colors. Type out your quote and center it, making the font large enough to work for the page. (Need a new font? Get one here!) Add a fun border or some illustrations at the corners, print, and hang it up!
  2. Take one of your favorite photos and turn it into the background for your quote. Upload the photo to PicMonkey (or use your own photo editing software), and use the “text” function to type your quote over the image. (Tip: sometimes it helps to soften, blur, or lighten the image a bit before you do this so the text will really stand out.) Print and hang!
  3. Use a site like Recite to turn your quote into a variety of fun images, ready for printing and displaying!
If you’d like to share your inspiring quote with us, post a link on Twitter or Instagram and tag it #ThinkCreateReflect!
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