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#MakersWednesday: Long Mitts

#MakersWednesday: Long Mitts

Posted By on Dec 17, 2014

Happy Wednesday, Makers! Welcome to our grown-up version of Show & Tell!

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This week I’m sharing the knitting project I’ve been working on most recently – a pair of long fingerless gloves for my best friend. In order to knit these gloves to her specified requests (as long as possible, with a thumb), I started by dividing my yarn ball into two equally-sized balls of yarn. Then I knit the gloves from the top down (using this pattern as a general guideline for structure, changed to suit my gauge). I used ribbing from another pattern (this one), so these became a sort of franken-project. I chose stockinette stitch for the body because I planned to knit these gloves as quickly as possible (so as to get them onto the hands of the recipient that much sooner), and I wanted to be able to knit them in the dark movie theater without having to worry about stitch patterning. I made the cuffs come up extra high on the fingers for added warmth, and then they can be folded down, as pictured. I think it worked out pretty well!


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So, what have you been working on? Are you frantically making holiday gifts (like me), or are you beyond all that and enjoying the season with projects of your choosing? Share with us on social media and tag it #MakersWednesday!

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