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Welcome to Friday, the day where we take a moment in a busy week to Think about something new, Reflect on things past, and Create something entirely unknown! Each week we provide you with a creative, writing, or biz-related prompt to help inspire you in your working week. Enjoy!

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This week, it’s time to get out some paper or a laptop and write a letter … to your teenage self! So get out that old pen pal kit and get scribbling along with us:

Write a letter to yourself as a teenager. What would you tell her about your life as an adult? What advice would you give her in order to prepare her to become a creative entrepreneur? What do you wish you had known back then? Tell her!

See how this activity inspires the decisions you make in this stage of your life as you prepare for the next one. And if you’re feeling up to sharing, give us a shout-out on social media with the tag #ThinkCreateReflect!

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