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#MakersWednesday: Small Socks

#MakersWednesday: Small Socks

Posted By on Sep 10, 2014

Welcome to #MakersWednesday, where we take a mid-week break to celebrate the Maker in all of us!

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This week my youngest son got upset because the pair of “yarn socks” I made him last year no longer fits. He started to throw a tantrum, because “yarn socks are the only good socks and the other socks are terrible!” Though I don’t enjoy his tantrums most days, I had to chuckle at that one, and of course it made my knitter’s heart just melt! What was a mom to do? Knit another pair of socks, that’s what!

This time I decided to try knitting him a pair of tube socks, because that way they should fit longer than a traditional knitted sock with a built-in heel. We’ll see how he likes them; he’s extremely picky about how things feel on his feet, so he may not enjoy the lack of a structured heel. In that case, I can always build in an afterthought heel, so it should work out anyway.

Here are the socks, using some bright blue yarn left over from my mystery shawl (my son picked it out):

What have YOU been making this week? Share it with us on social media and tag it #MakersWednesday!

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