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Hello, Merry Makers!

How many of you are knee-deep (chest-deep? eyeball-deep?) in your holiday gift-making right about now? Or perhaps you’ve gone over to a corner somewhere to breathe into a bag and calm yourself down over the fact that you haven’t started?

The urge to make all the gifts is something we all face, and though we might recommend ways to lighten your burden, we all know that most of us wind up in this place of panic and hurried gift-making every year anyway, so what’s the point?

What we CAN do is lighten your mood. The free printable for this month is a set of gift tags. Not only will it be useful for you as you go about making your gifts, but it will help you maintain a sense of humor as you knit that scarf for your mother-in-law, wondering the whole time if she’ll even wear it.



Because after you spend a whole month making a gift for someone, you want to make sure they appreciate it properly. Right??

Download your free printable here:

December printable image

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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