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I’m a big believer that the term “out of site, out of mind” is true for all things — particularly household things.

I have a lot of stuff — my husband calls it clutter — I call it life adventure souvenirs. My philosophy – or justification for keeping these things – is that if I want to display it and see it everyday then it’s important enough to keep.

Due both to our dog’s love of running in circles and to give us a bit more storage, we decided to block off one of the entrances to our kitchen.

I decided that we could use the hanging records from our wedding and an amazing polka dot flamenco skirt I got in Spain and no longer fit into to create a super personalized and sentimental DIY room divider. I bought a lovely wooden heart hanger from Etsy and used those 3M plastic sticky hangers to hang them. Then I bought a cheap white plastic show curtain to give the records and skirt a nice, blank background.

Sentimental Room Divider

How do you display sentimental items? Whatcha workin’ on? Share your current creations on Twitter or Instagram and tag them with #ProjectWednesdays so we can all see them!

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