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So, I have a confession to make: it’s entirely possible that I’m obsessed with bags. Suitcases, purses, totes, messengers, project bags for my knitting, you name it! If it’s a bag, I want it.

The problem is, I’m also extremely picky*. Just ask my husband – the poor man actually tried to take me shopping to find a new purse for my birthday. Let’s just say we ended up not finding one, and he’s even more confused about what goes on inside my head than he ever was before!

Since I love bags but I have very specific needs when it comes to them, I also enjoy browsing tutorials and DIYs for bags I can make for myself. Though I admit that sometimes bag-making is more finicky than I’d like to deal with, it is often worth it to me, in the end, to get a bag I absolutely love instead of one I have to settle for.

Would you like to join me in some bag-making adventures? I’ve rounded up a series of tutorials and DIYs for bags you can make yourself. Check them out:

– My family is planning a trip next month, so I plan to make this Braided Bag Messenger Tutorial from Cold Hands, Warm Heart Crafts. I love the size, and when I travel I prefer a cross-body bag so it won’t get in my way when I’m trying to wrangle the kids and juggle a water bottle and take pictures on my phone.

Image from Cold Hands, Warm Heart Crafts

– Speaking of traveling bags, I love this overnight bag from Liesl Made. It’s nice and roomy without being huge, and it would be a great way to take advantage of those awesome home decor weight fabrics at the craft store!

Image from Liesl Made

– This simple bag from Very Purple Person is a fun shape and as a bonus, it’s reversible! I could see it being a very useful grab-and-go bag to match almost any outfit!

Image from Very Purple Person

– You can almost never go wrong with a basic tote bag. This reversible option from Skip to My Lou is a great gift-giving idea, because it’s a multi-functioning bag for anyone on your list. Fill it with goodies or leave it as it is!

Image from Skip to My Lou

– The Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae is a great smaller bag option for date night, or even as a gift for a little girl. It has a sweet style and I love the details, like the gathering and the buttons!

Image from Made by Rae

– And finally, just for fun: look at this crayon tote from Handmade by Hillary!!! I could pretend it would be a great gift for some creative kiddos, but who am I kidding? I totally want one just for myself! I love all the options to customize it – which pattern is your fave?

Image from Handmade by Hillary

*In case you’re curious, my requirements for an everyday bag are as follows: large enough to hold my essentials (including a small project bag of knitting and my tablet) but not so big it hurts my shoulder; strap that is shoulder-length but usually not cross-body; color that’s fun but not too much of a print, no black or brown or navy; closure of some sort so everything doesn’t come spilling out; at least a few pockets inside and/or out. The bags on this list don’t all fit that mold, but I figure other people probably have different taste – and even for me, there’s more than one type of bag in my closet.

Do YOU have a favorite bag tutorial or style? Share it with us in the comments below!

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