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Photo courtesy of AForestFrolic on Flickr

I’m collecting stories about buying handmade — a little something to show people how awesome buying handmade can be, especially for the holidays.

And all your seller’s out there were so generous and eager to share the post. And then you asked if you could tell your stories — tell me about the amazing things you’ve done for your customers.

Of course you can!

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The awesome proprietor of Trash N2 Tees, Janelle, mentioned to me that she posts some of her Etsy testimonials to her Facebook page. This is such a kick-ass idea for a couple of reasons:

  • It encourages her customers + fans to write reviews
  • It encourages her customers + fans to make their reviews cool and witty
  • Customer testimonials are one of the most effective marketing tactics

This is called “social proof” marketing and it’s incredibly effective.

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