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Do you ever wonder what sets some creative entrepreneurs apart from the rest of their peers? Why do they seem to pluck success out of thin air, and run with it like the wind? All metaphors aside, there probably isn’t one universal answer to the question of why some people succeed where others fail. But there is a key that we can all employ in unlocking that secret – and that key involves building the habits of creative people.


Your creativity can be the thing that gets you through life – if you think about it, having confidence in your creativity helps you know a few important things about yourself:

  • You can think “outside the box.”
  • You can come up with new solutions to problems.
  • You can improvise.
  • You know how to fix mistakes and improve the original situation as a result.
  • You can make things that other people can’t make.

Having these qualities in your back pocket can get you through a variety of challenges. According to Business News Daily, creativity is probably even more valuable than intelligence – it’s just not as easy to quantify. Having creativity is an asset to entrepreneurs in all fields, because they’re able to capitalize on their own potential rather than waiting for someone else to hand them opportunities.

Being creative also means being able to adapt and change as needed. Sometimes when you’re making a piece of art, it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to at first – but if you can adapt to that difference and follow your inspiration where it takes you, you just might find that the finished piece works out better than you had hoped. If you can apply this adaptability in other areas of life, you can turn failure into success time and time again. Lateral Action advises combining your creativity with your business savvy to make the most of any opportunities that come along (and they’ve got an inspiring story of a famous entrepreneur to illustrate their point).

Creativity by itself may not be enough to ensure success, but it can certainly apply to all of the other areas that are necessary for success. Use your creativity to come up with your product, to find your customers, to open new doors of opportunity and to connect with other people who can help you grow your business. Having the ability to think creatively about any situation is one way to develop the habits of a person who is strong and resilient; and it’s that type of person who is going to succeed in today’s entrepreneurial world.

What about you – how do you use creativity to build successful habits? Share with us in the comments below!

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