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Do you end the working day feeling stiff and sore because you’ve been engrossed in making a new product or staring at social media screens all day? Give yourself a break, and take some time to stretch your neck between tasks. Your body will thank you!

Today’s stretch is best done from a seated position – you don’t have to have a gorgeous backdrop like this one; your office chair will do just fine.

Begin in a seated position and relax your shoulders, allowing your arms to hang naturally down at your sides.

Pose 4A


Bring your left arm behind your back and grasp your right arm with your left hand:

Pose 4B


Look to your right, stretching your neck gently as you do:

Pose 4C


Now look to your left, stretching your neck gently as you do:

Pose 4D


Bring your head back around, this time looking to the right and down:

Pose 4E


Keep your left arm behind your body, and bring your right arm up and bend it around your head:

Pose 4F
Lower your arm so that your hand can gently push down on the back of your neck, and stretch:

Pose 4G


Now we’re going to repeat this for the other side! Begin by bringing your right arm behind your back to grasp your left arm, and then look to your left:

Pose 4H
Now look right:

Pose 4I


And then look down and to the left:

Pose 4J


Bring your left arm up and over your head and press down, as before: Pose 4K


Here’s a view of how this should look from the back:

Pose 4L


Congratulations – you did it!

Pose 5A


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