Handmade Love and Inspiration

Halloween is almost here, and if you’re feeling festive, here are a few handmade costume ideas for you. All of these tutorials are free, without using hugely complicated supplies or materials, and they’re all for YOU. (And, just because that’s my personal preference, you won’t find any references here to “slutty {fill in the blank}” as a costume idea.) So let’s get rounding up!

DIY Halloween costumes for women
photo credit: DSC_3940 via photopin (license)

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Is it just me, or has the pumpkin spice craze really taken off this year? Personally I’m all for it – i’m in the VERY Pro-Pumpkin camp. It’s my favorite flavor, and I always get bummed out that most places only cater to us pumpkin junkies during one or two months of the year. (Thank goodness for canned pumpkin, so I can make my own goodies at home year-round!)

So for today’s round-up of handmade favorites, I’m paying homage to that fabulous flavor.

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