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Posted By on Oct 2, 2015 in Self-care

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This week I’ve been thinking about healthy habits. For a long time now I’ve wanted to take a month off of sugar, but I haven’t ever gotten around to doing it. I convinced myself that it wasn’t necessary – that I could just focus on eating healthier foods and I’d be fine. But then, time and again, I’d notice that whenever I got stressed out, or we just had too much sugar in the house, I’d be binge-eating sugary goodies way too often. It’s time to face it: I’m addicted to sugar.

Now, some people take a month off of sugar and they go completely without it – they literally eliminate everything from their diet that has added sugar in it (and some people even leave off of natural sugars, too, like those found in fruits). I’m not doing that, mostly because my life is stressful enough without having to scrutinize every single food label to see if I’m eating sugar. Instead, at least for this first attempt, I’m just going to eliminate things that I know are full of sugar – mostly desserts – and spend the rest of the time focusing on eating healthy, whole/raw foods as much as possible. I’m sure it still won’t be easy, but I tell myself that one month isn’t going to kill me. And in fact, it could make a huge difference in my health! And I plan to reward myself with a Cadbury Screme egg on Halloween (wink).

So, today’s prompt – what kinds of healthy changes have YOU been avoiding? Can you figure out the reason why you’re avoiding it? How can you put that reason to rest and move yourself one step closer toward making that change?
If you’re feeling up to it, share it with us in the comments, or join me in a sugar-free October!


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