#MakersWednesday: Wristlet Purse

Posted By on Oct 28, 2015 in Handmade Love and Inspiration

Happy #MakersWednesday, everyone!

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This week I’ve got a project to show off for a birthday gift I made for my daughter’s friend. I asked the girl’s mom what she might want for her birthday, and she said she’d like a wristlet purse. For some reason, I’ve got such tunnel vision when it comes to DIY projects, that in my mind the only way for this child to get a wristlet purse was for me to make one. My husband later reminded me that I don’t need to MAKE every birthday gift, and that in fact a lot of my efforts are wasted on people who don’t appreciate handmade gifts and might even look down on them. And of course he’s right, but in that moment I couldn’t see past my sewing machine, I suppose!

Anyway, here’s the wristlet, and I hope the birthday girl liked it and didn’t think my daughter was weird or cheap for bringing a handmade gift.

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What have YOU been working on this week? Share your crafty tunnel vision with us in the comments, or tag it on social media with #MakersWednesday!

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