#ThinkCreateReflect: Emergency Lesson Plans

Posted By on Aug 7, 2015 in Creative Business

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This week I was thinking back to my days as a teacher. When you’re a teacher, you do get “sick days” – days you can take off work if you’re feeling to ill to come in – but you have to do some extra preparations. Because whether you show up or not, there’s going to be a classroom full of kids waiting to be taught something, and the person who steps in isn’t necessarily going to be able to punt.

So teachers write what’s known as “emergency lesson plans” – these are lesson plans that can be followed by someone who isn’t the teacher, and that go along with the course material while not necessarily being vital information for the state exams. These lesson plans go in a file somewhere and when the teacher is sick, the substitute pulls them out and has something to do with the kids all day.

As a creative business owner, you don’t really get sick days, right? If you’re sick, the whole business likely stops for the day, which doesn’t always work out (especially if you have employees)! So have you thought about how you might put together “emergency lesson plans” for YOUR business? One day with food poisoning is one thing (ask me how I know, ughhh), but what if you’re sick for a longer time? Would someone else – your assistant, your spouse, a trusted friend – be able to step into your shoes, even just to alert your customers about what’s going on?

Shouldn’t they be able to? Maybe it’s time to take a little time to make some emergency lesson plans of your own!

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