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I’ve been finishing a lot of things lately, so that makes me want to cast on for several new projects. Sometimes I find I’m in the mood for something quick and satisfying, and knitting with handspun yarn often fits the bill for me in that respect.

So with that in mind, last weekend I cast on for a pair of mittens for myself, using this pattern from Susan B. Anderson. It took very little time and less than a full skein of handspun to finish the project, and I love the mittens:

I love that they’re fraternal twins – pretty similar but not an exact match. That’s the beauty of knitting with handspun – you get fun little inconsistencies like that which bring character to your finished projects.

What have you been working on this week? Share it in the comments or tag it with #MakersWednesday on social media!

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improve your holiday sales

If you’re at all involved in the creative business industry, then you know that holiday sales can sometimes be the make-or-break point of your year. A good round of holiday sales means “Best Year Ever!” and a bad round means, well, the opposite.

If you’re hoping to have a successful holiday sales season, then you’re in luck! This week the folks at CreativeLive are hosting a holiday sales party, and you’re invited!

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Friday Fun: Mad for Plaid

Friday Fun: Mad for Plaid

Posted By on Aug 14, 2015

10 DIY Tutorials using Plaid Fabrics

Happy Friday, woo hoo!!!

Okay, go with me on this one: back-to-school time has me thinking about school uniforms, which has me thinking about a variety of plaid patterns. Add to that the fact that I felt an actual almost-chill in the air this morning when I let my dogs out, and I’m dreaming of digging out my blanket scarves once again for the Fall. Hence, today’s Friday Fun. Enjoy!

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handmade school supplies

It’s August, and that means it’s time to go back to school! Whether you’ve got kids in the house, you’re a student yourself, or you just love school supplies (and come on – who doesn’t?!?), we’ve got you covered! Today’s roundup from the handmade world is all about school supplies we love.

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