MakersWednesday: Finished Purse Socks

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It’s #MakersWednesday time!

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As a knitter, I always like to carry a knitting project with me so I’ll always have something to do, no matter where I am. This comes in very handy when I get stuck waiting in line at the pharmacy, or sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, or hanging out with my kids at a play date somewhere.

So I’ve always got a “purse project” – a small knitting project that mostly stays in my purse and is ready for me to work on whenever I get a few minutes while I’m out and about. As such, it usually takes me quite a while to finish a purse project, but that’s okay. It has served its purpose for a few months, that’s all.

My current purse project has been a pair of socks, and I’m finally finished with them! This was a wacky skein of yarn so they’re really fun socks. I made them in the “plain vanilla” style, which just means I used stockinette stitch for the whole thing so I’d never have to worry about where I was in a pattern as I knew I’d be picking them up and putting them down a lot. And I think it worked out well!

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So what have you been working on this week? Share with us in the comments or tag it with #MakersWednesday!

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