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Posted By on Jul 1, 2015 in Handmade Love and Inspiration

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Happy Makers Wednesday! What are YOU working on?

This week I’ve got a finished object to share that took me a lot longer than I thought it would …

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Meet Dorothy! Fans of The Golden Girls will (hopefuly!!) recognize her. It was fun to make this project in some ways, and a total slog in others. I agreed to make a full set of all 4 girls for a friend’s birthday, and I’m happy to be doing a project for that friend, but I’ll admit that the making part isn’t that fun.

The pattern I’m using is amazing – it’s so well-thought-out in every detail, and very easy to understand. The problem, for me, is that crocheting dolls is just too fiddly – there’s too much changing yarns, starting new body parts, and assembling pieces. There isn’t a chance to sit back and get into a groove, because you’ve always got to be reading the pattern to find out what to do differently on the next round or row. For me, that takes most of the fun out of it.

It’s okay, though, because the fun in this project is in the FO! I’ve already started on Rose, so hopefully I’ll have a picture of her to show soon.

In the meantime – what have you been working on? Share with us in the comments or tag your photos on social media with #MakersWednesday!

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