Friday Fun: DIY 4th of July

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Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and tonight is the night a lot of folks here in the US will be celebrating our independence, so how about a DIY round-up? We’ve got everything you need to celebrate in style, right here!

DIY 4th of July

DIY Ideas for July 4th:

  • Patriotic shoes – Put a spring in your step – and a star-spangled banner, too!
  • Luminaries – If you’re going to be celebrating after dark, light the way with this easy upcycled project!
  • Bandana dress – If you’ve got a little one and a sewing machine, this project is for you! (Is anyone else trying to figure out how to make it fit an adult size?)
  • Tissue paper garland – Dress up your mantle with a few office supplies and some tissue paper.
  • Fireworks crown – Any excuse to wear a tiara, amIright?
  • Scrap banner – If you prefer a rustic look and you’ve got a supply of scrap fabrics, this one’s a no-brainer! (Also, no-sew.)
  • Watercolor tattoos – Did you know you could make your own temporary tattoos?!? Use this free download to make them for the Fourth!
  • DIY Pinata balloons – While we’re on the subject of awesome things you can make surprisingly easily: pinata. Balloons. BAM.
  • Mason jar silverware holders – If you’re serving guests, give them each a mason jar with a bandana for a napkin and a set of utensils! Now you don’t have to worry about table linens blowing away in the breeze!
  • Door wreath – I love this so much, because with an easy swap of the ribbon you could use it again and again for other holidays or occasions!

Will you be celebrating in DIY style? Tell us about it in the comments. Happy Holidays!

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