Wedding Month: DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

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Whether you’re a bride on a budget or a wedding planner with a crafty thumb, we’ve got a great round-up for you today to inspire you to make your own wedding favors!

DIY wedding favors

DIY Wedding Favor Ideas:

  1. Paper fortune cookies – This idea from Intimate Weddings is great for those of you who might already have a large stash of decorative paper on hand. Or perhaps your first date was at a Chinese restaurant? Either way, these DIY fortune cookies are adorable and easy to personalize.
  2. Wedding buttons – Make your own small pin-back buttons, customized with your wedding colors, names, and catchy phrases. For a super-small wedding you could even make a custom set for each guest, suited to his or her personality and tastes!
  3. Coffee bags – Let your guests brew up their own nightcap with these DIY burlap coffee bags. Great if you and your new spouse share a love of caffeine, or if you’ve got a wedding where guests will be staying overnight! My sister-in-law owns a coffee shop; these would’ve been perfect for her wedding, too.
  4. Wooden coasters – If you love to use a power saw, then this might be right up your alley. Make this eco-friendly gift and your guests will have fond memories of your special day every time they have guests over for drinks!
  5. Matchbooks – You’ve gotta love a good pun, and there are plenty to be made about matches at a wedding. Matches are useful and the DIY finish on the boxes makes them a lovely parting gift, too.
  6. Mix tapes – For music lovers, you can’t go wrong with a customized wedding mix of love songs. Give one out to every guest, or just as favors for the wedding party.
  7. Mad Libs – With just a printer and some card stock you can make a hilarious party favor that does triple┬áduty as a conversation starter for your guests and keeps them busy at the start of the reception while they’re waiting for you to show up so they can eat!
  8. For the Kiddos – Don’t forget your youngest guests. These printable party favor coloring sheets will keep them occupied even when the wedding gets to be a bit much for their attention spans.

Have any more ideas for DIY wedding favors? Share them with us in the comments! Keep coming back all month long, for more wedding fun!

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