Wedding Month: Dealing with Bridezillas

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Whether you’re a wedding planner, a bridesmaid, or a Maker who deals with brides on a regular basis, chances are you’ve run into a Bridezilla in your path. Here, we’ve rounded up a few good ways to handle Bridezillas with professionalism and tact (even if you have to go back home after your encounter and unwind with a good drink).


Tips for Dealing with Bridezillas:

  • Modern Manners Guy has put together three really great tips for how to deal with Bridezilla, from handling her meltdowns (and how they affect you), to finding a positive outlet for your stress, to standing up to the bride and bringing her back down to her human form. Read the full list here.
  • The Frisky has top ten tips for handling a Bridezilla. Their list includes ways to help calm the beast and how to make an easy exit if it comes to that. Read it here.
  • This She Knows post is great for handling a Bridezilla while keeping your cool. Our favorite tip is to remember that a wedding planning process is only temporary! Read on.
  • If you’re a wedding planner, this column from the Planner’s Lounge is a great place to start in learning to set boundaries with super-picky brides and keep your professional cool. Read it here.
  • When you need a laugh, or perhaps a reminder that you’re not a lone, read this curated list of 10 awful Bridezilla experiences, on Business Insider.

So, what are YOUR tips for handling a monstrous bride? Share them with us in the comments!

photo credit: Brides by CherieJPhotography via photopin (license)

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