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Posted By on Jun 26, 2015 in Creative Business

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This week, with the heat of summer upon us, I’ve been thinking about keeping my cool – in all situations. As business owners, we’re often face-to-face with crappy situations: suppliers who don’t deliver, rude customers, annoying relatives who think we should just “get a real job” already. And in all of these circumstances it’s tempting to lose one’s cool. But that’s usually not the best option.

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In order to be able to keep your cool when the trying situations arise, it’s helpful to come up with a list of responses to commonly-encountered rudeness ahead of time.

So get out your notebook or a document on your computer, and type out tactful responses to rude things people sometimes (or often) say to you. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re able to keep your cool in the heat of the moment.

If you’re feeling especially cool, share one of your responses with us in the comments!

photo credit: Patriotic Ice Pop via photopin (license)

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