#MakersWednesday: Stash Overwhelm

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Happy #MakersWednesday, everyone! I’m glad you’re here to share with us in our grown-up version of Show & Tell!

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Recently we’ve decided that we’d like to move out of our current house in about 6-8 months’ time. Either we’ll be able to buy a new house by then, or we’ll rent somewhere else, but one way or another we don’t want to stay in this house for another year.

That’s got me in the mood to de-clutter, and I’ve started with the easier areas of the house (mostly stuff belonging to other members of my family). But eventually I’m going to have to deal with MY stuff, and specifically my overflowing stash of yarn and fabric.

The yarn is one thing – I’m okay with storing it in a storage tote or two, because I keep it all cataloged online and when I’m ready to start a new project, which doesn’t happen all that frequently, I can go to those totes and find what I need, and begin.

The fabric, though, is a huge and overwhelming problem! I’ve got a few different storage totes full of it, and none of it is organized or cataloged in any way. I’ve got some fabrics stored together in larger zipper plastic bags, for things like scraps of the same color or fabrics that will all go into the same quilt project. But the rest of my stuff is just … everywhere. I’ve kept it because “some day I might be able to use it,” but I think it’s time to let go of some of those ideas and just realize that I’ve got to clear it out. As it is now, stored in a random assortment, it’s neither inspiring nor useful. In fact, it’s the opposite – overwhelming. And I mostly avoid it because I can’t handle the chaos. So it’s time to de-clutter and keep only what I’m sure I’m going to use, and let the rest go to someone with the space to store it and the motivation to use it.

How about you? How do you feel about your stash? Do you hoard it and love it, or do you try to be selective in what you save?¬†Share your thoughts with us in the comments, and don’t forget to post your pictures and tag them #MakersWednesday!

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