Friday Fun: (Wedding Month) Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

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For Wedding Month, I thought it’d be good to have a little fun with wedding gifts! Recently I heard about a great idea for asking for wedding gifts, and that got my wheels turning, so I’ve come up with a list of ideas to go with that original one.


alternative wedding gift ideas

So many people get married these days after they already have most of what they need to set up a household, because it’s pretty rare for people to move right out of Mom and Dad’s place and into a home they share with their spouse. So if you don’t need to register for china patterns and bath towels, consider this list a resource for inspiration for your wedding gift requests. And if you’re headed to a wedding as a guest and you don’t know what to bring, maybe this will drum up some ideas for you as well!

Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

  • Board Games – This is the idea I heard from my friend. When she got married, she and her husband asked their friends & family members to give them a favorite board game to add to their collection. So now they have a fully-stocked game closet for stay-at-home nights and for the times when they’re gathered together with friends.
  • Stock the Liquor Cabinet – I also had a friend once who had an engagement/housewarming party where all the guests were asked to bring a bottle to help the new couple stock their liquor cabinet. Of course, if you’re having a big wedding this might mean asking for more than you can store, but it’s kind of a fun idea to fill your wine cellar or liquor cabinet with gifts from friends. That way you can think of them every time you enjoy a glass.
  • Charitable donations – It seems to be a growing trend to ask family and friends to donate money to a favorite charity in the name of the married couple, in lieu of gifts. You can choose your own charity or ask your guests to pick their favorites. Do some good in the world on your special day!
  • Spice cabinet – Maybe you’ve got all the pots and pans you’ll ever need, but you could use a little spice in your new marriage? Ask your guests to bring a favorite non-perishable cooking ingredient, like spices and seasonings! Then you can cook up some magic in the kitchen all year long.
  • Books – You can ask your guests to bring you a favorite book, and then you’ll have reading material (potentially) for years to come!
  • Date Night – Ask for gift cards to local areas of interest. Movie theaters, restaurants, theme parks and more – all your date nights for your first year will be covered by your wedding guests!
  • Candles – You can fill your home with warmth and fragrance and think of your wedding day every time you light a new one.
  • Emergency Preparedness – If you’re looking to stock your storm shelter, ask your guests to help you put together an emergency preparedness kit! They can bring items like batteries, bottled water, first aid supplies and non-perishable food items to help you prepare for whatever may come.
  • Made with Love – You know we’re a fan of handmade gifts here at Patterned! If your guests all made something for you, imagine how amazing that would be! You might receive anything from quilts to hats to wall art, and your home would be filled with handmade love.

So, what are YOUR ideas for non-traditional wedding gifts? Share them with us in the comments!

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