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Happy #MakersWednesday, everyone! I’m glad you’re here to share with us in our grown-up version of Show & Tell!

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This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the time it takes to complete a project, in a variety of ways. I’ve got four¬†main craft projects happening right now – a knitted shawl, a knitted sweater, a set of crocheted Golden Girls dolls, and a mini quilt. With each project I’m feeling an emphasis on time – how long it takes, how long I’ve been working on it, and why it’s worth the time to go the extra mile. Here’s what I mean:

1. Knitted shawl РJasminde by Martina Behm:

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This feels like the project that will never end. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize, but not zoomzoom fast like garter stitch would be. So maybe that’s the problem: it’s not challenging enough to hold my interest, but not mindless enough for me to just plow through it? I’m not sure. I know I’m going to love the finished object, so I’m continuing to push past my own resistance on this project, because even though it’s somewhat of a slog it isn’t a BAD knit, and I think the results will be worth the effort.

2. Knitted sweater – Everything Nice Hoodie by Tori Gurbisz:

Since it’s a sweater, this project has taken me some time. I also had to take off a week or two because I had to order a third needle to finish the front bands (I’m still working on that part). It’s going to take a little while in the finishing stages, too, because I plan to add a zipper and I’ve never done that before. I think all of the extra time and effort will pay off, though, because I will have a sweater I love and love to wear. The only down side is that I’ll be finishing it in June, in Tennessee, when a wool sweater isn’t remotely useful. Oh well, it’ll be ready for winter! And when this project is done I’m rewarding myself by casting on for a tank top in a cotton blend.

3. Crocheted Golden Girls

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This is just a picture of a head, but I haven’t gotten all that much further into this project. The pattern is VERY well written, but it’s so long that it makes my head spin a little, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size of the project (especially considering the small stature of the finished dolls!). Crocheting toys is fiddly work, which is why I normally don’t do it. But this project is for an amazing friend, so it’s worth the effort required. The problem is that I keep having to stop to gather more supplies – specific yarn colors, jewelry wire to make them pose-able (because, of course they need to be pose-able!), dowel rods to make them stand up. Each doll is composed of several parts and those are time-consuming because they involve so much yarn switching and assembling of pieces. So this project, with its deadline of August, will probably be with me for most of the summer.

4. A book-themed mini quilt:

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This project is nearly finished – I’ve got the top all done, and I’ve pinned it to the batting and the back. I don’t have a machine that’s good for free-motion quilting, so my original plan was to just do some straight-line quilting by machine and call it a day. The more I look at the project, though, the more I feel pulled to do some hand quilting to really give it the effect I’m hoping for. This is, of course, going to mean it takes me a lot longer to finish; and I’ve got to put it in the mail within 9 days. But I think it’ll be worth it to put in that extra time, because the finished project is going to look SO much better than if I rushed it.

How about you? How do you feel about the time it’s taking to finish your current projects? Do you prefer to bang out Finished Objects, or to take your time to craft a piece? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, and don’t forget to post your pictures and tag them #MakersWednesday!

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