Handmade Love: Saturday Morning for Grown-Ups

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Saturday morning, where do we wanna be? In front of the TV, wearing goofy PJs and watching cartoons, of course!

I try to tell my kids that “once upon a time” when I was their age, cartoons weren’t available to me 24/7. Instead, I had to wait for the very best time of the week to watch my favorite shows … Saturday morning!

In honor of that, let’s round up the best of the handmade world with cartoon-themed handmade items, shall we?

  • Truly outrageous earrings – Um, 8-year-old me would have DIED for a pair of earrings like these. Jerica’s special earrings that helped Synergy transform her into Jem? Squee!!!! Snag this replica from Jegas Creations.
  • Baby, let’s go party tonight – If you’ve turned on Cartoon Network recently, you may have caught an episode of The Regular Show. Show your fandom without screaming to the world with this subtle-cool T-shirt for Mordecai and the Rigbys, from VOG Clothing.
  • Nailed it – Go a little retro/classic with this homage to pop art and comics: cartoon nail art decals from I Heart Nail Art.
  • The Kids Are Alright – This group of teenagers have something to prove – they’re about to grow up to be superheroes and famous sidekicks. Led by Robin, this tights-wearing crew has their fair share of emotional teenage outbursts and plenty of action. Join up with the Teen Titans with this awesome necklace from Naveka Designs.
  • I have the power!!!! – Or I could, if I had this awesome She-Ra helmet OMG!!!! Get your own, if you can handle it, at Zed’s Zombie Ranch.
  • Join in the Fun – If you’ve ever wanted to jump into the TV and join the cast of a cartoon, now you can! Mostly. These amazing custom cartoon style portraits make me especially happy because of their Bob’s Burger’s illustration style. Grab your own at Caleb Paullus.

Did I miss your favorite shows? Give a shout-out in the comments!

photo credit: Cap’n Crunch via photopin (license)

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