Friday Fun: Let’s All Eat Cake

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It’s Friday, and it’s also my birthday, so indulge me a little, please? I’m rounding up recipes for birthday cakes that I personally think would be delicious. Wanna get on a sugar high with me?

  • Ice Cream Crunch – When I was a kid I always loved ice cream cakes, and that hasn’t changed!
  • Chocolate pound cake – I love the dense, springy texture of a good poundcake! Sprinkle on a little powdered sugar or drizzle some royal icing or chocolate ganache and you’re good to go! Great with berries, too.
  • Carrot cake – This is a favorite of mine, and I love how Buddy Valastro’s recipe doesn’t include raisins (a perfectly good way to ruin a carrot cake is to add raisins, in this birthday girl’s opinion!).
  • Pumpkin spice – I LOVE pumpkin flavor, and I don’t care that it’s April and not October. The icing on the cake (hahaha, pardon the pun) for this one? The salted caramel topping. WOW.
  • Cheesecake – Speaking of salted caramel, let’s kick it up a notch with this cheesecake that also has pecans. It’s three of my favorite things, in one spring-form pan!
  • Ginger cake – Mmm, I love spice cakes, and this one sounds even better than Mom’s gingerbread men cookies!
  • Mocha pudding cake – I don’t love pudding but I do love cake! And this one sounds great, with one of my favorite flavors: mocha! As an added bonus, for novice bakers like me, this one requires “almost no skill to make” Win win!
  • Lemon curd layer cake – Topped with white chocolate buttercream, this sounds divine. I love the tart lemon combined with the sometimes too-sweet white chocolate for a perfect balance.

Have I missed your favorite flavor? Link up to a recipe in the comments!

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