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Welcome back to another round of Ask Penny, where our resident expert answers YOUR tech-related questions! Take it away, Penny!

Ask Penny

A question I sometimes hear from my WordPress clients is “Why didn’t my post publish when I scheduled it?”

(Please note this answer is specific for those who self-host WordPress. If you use please refer to this page for instructions on scheduling posts and use this contact page if you experience difficulties.)

The ability to write posts now and schedule them to publish in the future is one of my favourite features of WordPress. Sometimes however, something goes wrong and it isn’t published when you expect or you might see an error of “Missed Schedule”.

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birthday cake recipes

It’s Friday, and it’s also my birthday, so indulge me a little, please? I’m rounding up recipes for birthday cakes that I personally think would be delicious. Wanna get on a sugar high with me?

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cartoon themed handmade goods

Saturday morning, where do we wanna be? In front of the TV, wearing goofy PJs and watching cartoons, of course!

I try to tell my kids that “once upon a time” when I was their age, cartoons weren’t available to me 24/7. Instead, I had to wait for the very best time of the week to watch my favorite shows … Saturday morning!

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