Friday Fun: Friday the 13th

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Ways to celebrate Friday the 13th

This is the second month in a row this year to have a Friday the 13th. We here at Patterned are not superstitious types, but rather we take this as a reason to have some fun! Many people are plagued by Paraskevidekatriaphobia – the fear of Friday the 13th – and won’t be going out today as a result. So if you’re going to stay home anyway, you may as well have a little fun, right?

Ways to Celebrate Friday the 13th:

  • Paint it Black. Of course the official color of the day* is black, what else would it be? Paint your nails black with some awesome polish like Julep’s Bernadette or Essie’s Licorice.
  • Brew a Potion. Make yourself a drink or two – after all, you’re not driving! Feeling gutsy? Pretend you’re partying with Poe and whip up an absinthe cocktail.
  • Let the Cat out of the Bag. Pull on this adorable “black cats attack” T-shirt and triple dog dare bad luck to cross your path!
  • Hang a Mirror – Carefully. You’re not superstitious, right? It’ll be no problem at all to carry around a giant gothic mirror on Friday the 13th …
  • Dance by the light of the Moon. The full moon isn’t scheduled to be around today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang up one of your own and howl the night away!

So, how will YOU celebrate?

*Note: We here at Patterned have no actual authority over Friday the 13th and we can’t actually control the official color of any day.

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