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Whether you work alone or you manage a large team, there will be times in your business life where you need to collaborate with other people. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some resources for you.

teamwork tools

Here are some of our favorite collaboration tools:

  1. Evernote – Use this to make notes on things you want to remember and share information back and forth between teams. We use it to keep track of upcoming blog posts, for instance, and it’s also a good way to record the time you’ve spent working on a project. You can even clip websites and articles to your notebooks.
  2. Google Drive – Share documents, use the comments feature to collaborate with one another and tweak it until everything’s right. Spreadsheets, regular documents, even presentations – Google Drive can do it all, and it’s free. You can set the permission level of the people you share with, too, so your boss can edit a document but the team members can only view it, for instance.
  3. Dropbox – Use this as a way to share documents and photos that need to be preserved in a certain format. It’s great to have a shared file folder where you can store important documents you need your whole team to be able to see and/or edit.
  4. Google Hangouts or Skype – Need to chat in real-time? Google Hangouts offers text, voice, and video chatting. Skype also has the option for voice or video chat, but we love Google Hangouts because it allows you to share your screen and even wear funny hats.
  5. Trello – Got a lot of projects going on at once? Trello lets you manage them, adding in To Dos and even alerting members of your team when they’ve got a deadline coming up.

So what are YOUR favorite tools for collaboration? Share them with us in the comments!

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