Friday Fun: Hot Drinks for a Cold Day

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As I write this post, I’m looking out the window into my Nashville-area back yard, which is covered in snow. Those of you in more northerly directions will probably roll your eyes at me, but this is quite an unusual occurrence for us in these parts! Normally we’re lucky to get any snow at all, and it hardly ever stays around. So with this unusually cold winter upon us, you’ll find me more often in the kitchen, brewing up some warm potion to take the chill off. So today for Friday Fun, I thought I’d share some of my favorite warm beverage recipes with all of you. May you stay warm and dry, and curl up with a cup of something special.

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Warm Beverage Recipes for a Cold Winter’s Day

  • Fireside Coffee – This is one of my personal favorites – I love it so much that I mixed up a big batch and divided it out for holiday gifts last Christmas, and I’ve been thinking for some time of tweaking the recipe with the addition of differently-flavored coffees, creamers, and cocoa mixes (like peppermint mocha or vanilla caramel or white chocolate). This drink is a blend of instant coffee mixed with cocoa, creamer, and spices; find it here.
  • Coffee with Cinnamon – Confession time: lately I’ve been binge-watching episodes of The Paradise while I wait for the newest episode of Downton Abbey to come out. One of the characters in The Paradise mentioned coffee with cinnamon, so I just had to look it up. I found this recipe which makes it quite sweet with a few different ingredients, and this one which is more basic. Personally I brew just one cup at a time, and I’ve found that sprinkling 1/4 tsp over the grounds in my coffee filter does the trick for a 6-oz cup. I don’t like to put sugar in my coffee in the morning, and this pinch of cinnamon is just a perfect way to kick up my morning cup of joe.
  • Hot Toddy – Whiskey plus spices, and it can even help cure your cold symptoms*? Perfection! This traditional drink can be made with bourbon or another liquor if you prefer, but this recipe uses traditional whiskey: find it here. (*Note: I can’t prove that, it’s just what people say on the Interwebs.)
  • Butterbeer Latte – Fans of Harry Potter don’t have to rush out to the Three Broomsticks to get this potion; you can brew it up on the stovetop at home! When I make it, I go half-and-half on the milk with brewed coffee so it’s more like a traditional latte; but making it as directed makes it perfect for the pint-sized Potter fans in your household, too! Find the recipe at Practically Functional.
  • Hot Cocoa – Who could forget the classic warm beverage recipe of choice for ski chalets and cozy cabins in the woods? We’ve actually rounded up several options for making your own hot cocoa bar if you’re entertaining guests, but nobody says you can’t put out a cocoa buffet just for yourself, either! Find the directions here.

Have I missed YOUR favorite recipe to warm up a cup on a cold day? Share it in the comments, I’d love to know!

photo credit: Hot caramel apple cider via photopin (license)

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