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This is the time of the year when I’m itching to give my house a make-over. I don’t have a ton of cash to drop at the furniture store or Pier 1, so instead I’m doing as much as I can to DIY my decor using items I already own, stash, or can find really cheaply.

DIY home decor

Today I’m rounding up my favorite inspiration & ideas from all over the Web. Read on:

Storage Solutions

  • I love these DIY book slings from Penny Carnival. I’ve got plenty of fabric on hand to make one for every room of the house, and the other supplies would be under $10. These DIY book storage shelves would be a great way to keep a few books by the bed or to pull out the books I want my kids to be reading during a particular home-schooling unit.
  • We live in a drafty house, so in the evenings most of the 5 members of my family are looking for a cozy blanket to cuddle up with on the couch. I love this DIY blanket ladder from Shanty 2 Chic, because it would help me store and display my quilts & other blankets while they’re not in use, but keep them handy for cuddling.
  • Sometimes the cheapest storage solutions aren’t the cutest. That’s why I love this tutorial from Dances with Bees for jazzing up some boring old plastic storage drawers. I think you could easily apply this same idea to the larger storage drawers, too!
  • If you want a nice-looking bin to store your supplies, try this DIY rope basket tutorial from I Heart Organizing. In the end this project wasn’t very cheap for her, but I’m envisioning a similar process using any rope you might already have out in the garage OR a bunch of strips of fabric or even yarn.
  • Mason jars can be pretty easy to find in thrift stores, and you might even have a bunch lying around your house already. Use them to spruce up your storage solutions by following a tutorial for 5 ways to color mason jars from Lily Shop. Another option? Raid the toy box, add spray paint, and fill!
  • Do you lose your keys as often as some people in my house? I made a basket to hold our keys on a shelf near the door, but if you haven’t got a shelf, I love the idea of this vintage frame repurposed into a key holder, from Shelterness.


Wall Art

  • Centsational Girl has this awesome tutorial for making a wall mirror that winds up being a huge statement piece. I love this idea to help fill up a large wall, and as a bonus the mirror will help your room look bigger, too!
  • If you’ve got some patience and are handy with a pencil, it’s super easy to make a big piece of wall art! This tutorial from Metal and Mud will walk you through it. Who knew foam board could look so great?
  • I love this ombre yarn letter art from Catch My Party. I’m thinking I could do something similar with corrugated cardboard to make the whole project pretty much free, considering the size of my yarn stash! I’d love to use this to hang a letter in my dining room over our hutch, which is where I’m trying to set up a hub of home decor.
  • It’s not exactly wall ART, but if you take a day to spice up the look of your outlet and light switch covers you might be surprised at the difference it makes in your decor! Personally I love the idea of framing the light switch plates, but these covered outlet covers are also really cute!
  • And of course, you can never go wrong with FREE! Pair a frame from the dollar store with a free printable wall art image and you’re good to go! (Psst, we’ve even got the hookup on free printables right here at Patterned!)


Upgrade your Furniture

  • I always tell myself I want to make new throw pillows (or covers) for our couch, but even though the process of sewing one is SUPER easy, I just never get around to it! Thanks to this tutorial from Organize Your Stuff Now, I’m having a serious “duh” (or maybe “AHA!”) moment over here.
  • We moved our bed from one room in the house to another a few years back, and since doing so we haven’t had a headboard because our new bedroom is smaller than the old one. I’d love to use one of these DIY headboard tutorials to change all of that! I’m not much of a wood-worker but some of these don’t require that at all, and they look pretty simple to figure out!
  • I’m not sure I’d want to do this in a rental, but I have been swooning over this DIY hammock chair tutorial for quite some time now. Some day, it will be MINE.


For the Kiddos

  • Her Campus has a variety of tutorials for sprucing up a dorm room on the cheap. I love the idea of the string lights and the stencil garland for my kids’ bedrooms!
  • Scroll down on this page to find a different type of garland from paper cutouts – how sweet is this?? I could see using felt instead of paper to make it even nicer; just sew down the shapes and then string them onto a painted yardstick.
  • If you’re using storage bins (like I am) to hold your kids’ toys and other supplies, you’ll be amazed at how fabulous those old bins can look with this makeover project from Creative Dominican!
  • Use your child’s name to decorate his walls – this tutorial uses cardboard & fabric but I could see this looking fabulous with old book pages (maybe from kids’ books that have gotten a little too much love over the years?), comic books, or even wrapping paper!
  • My kids are constantly creating new works of art, and I feel badly about tossing them but we don’t have room for all that paper! I love the idea of making a gallery wall for them, and we can just change out the artwork as they create new pieces.


Do you have any DIY decor inspiration to share? Leave it in the comments – I’d love to see it!

photo credit: emiliokuffer via photopin cc

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