Friday Fun: Coloring for Grown-Ups

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Do you remember when you were a kid, how you spent hours just doodling or coloring? You’d relish a new pack of crayons, savoring those sharp points and using them to create your best work. As you got older, you’d practice improving your skills, honing your coloring to an art form.

And then somewhere along the way, you probably lost all that. You got too big for coloring books, too busy to take the time for something so frivolous.

But you know what? Coloring is good for you – at any age! The act of coloring can be a very calming, zen-like activity. Putting color to paper and breathing new life in something that doesn’t require too much skill but still allows you to make something beautiful.

coloring for grown ups


So we say, let’s bring coloring back! Here are some great resources and ideas to get you started.

1. Set up Your Supplies

A coloring book for grown-ups can come in many different forms. You can purchase a detailed coloring book online, or you can make your own! Get a 3-ring binder and fill it with printed black and white images. Use a sketchbook and fill it with your own line-drawing doodles, or paste in your creations once you’ve finished coloring them from printed pages. Print several pages at once and have them spiral-bound at an office supply store for a coloring book that goes wherever you go!

Then you’ll want something to actually color WITH. Crayons are great, but a more adult option is to use colored pencils. The tips are sharper (and can be re-sharpened), so you can use them to create more detailed designs.

2. Print some pages

Here are some free resources for coloring pages online:

3. Have Fun!

Remember, this is coloring, people! It’s supposed to be fun. So keep it loose, remember the whimsy, and go for it!

photo credit: Hobbies on a Budget via photopin cc

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