The importance of taking a break

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How to take a break

I know, I know – all you wonderful, fabulous, work-aholic creative business owners out there are raising your eyebrows and laughing right now. Take a break? In December (aka, Prime Selling Season)? What am I, nuts?

Listen, folks. I promise I haven’t been dipping into the egg nog this morning. I’m serious – you NEED to take regular breaks, even during the busiest season of the year. Perhaps especially during this season.

If you don’t take any breaks, and you push yourself to your limits, here are just a few things that will probably happen:

  • You’ll be exhausted.
  • You’ll get sick.
  • You’ll start snapping at people – your customers, friends, and loved ones.
  • You’ll miss out on everything else that’s going on during this holiday season – all the good stuff.

You’re no good to anyone if you’re too tired to function. You’re no good to your business if you’re too sick to work. You’re not being good to yourself if you allow yourself to bypass the joy of the season for yourself just so you can make a few more sales.

I know – it’s the end of the year and you’re thinking about all the goals you didn’t meet, the money you didn’t make, the chances you’ve run out of time to take. Maybe you’re thinking the opposite; that it’s been a really good year and you want to squeeze all the extra profit and exposure out of it that you can before January comes with its lull in sales.

But you know what? You’ll still be able to make sales, and run your business, if you take a break.

Taking a break can be different for each of you. Some of you might be able to work it out to take off the whole month, or a week, or two weeks. Others of you might just take off a day or two right around the holiday. But before then, there’s time to take a mini break, and it might just be the thing that saves your sanity for a day.

Here are some ideas for ways you can take a break during a busy working season:

  • Read a magazine. Treat yourself to one of those expensive British crafty numbers and take half an hour to just flip through the pages, sip a cup of tea, and enjoy the experience of just being inspired for a while.
  • Take a walk. Get outside, the fresh air will do you some good! Like, seriously – you’re probably already suffering (whether you know it or not) from lack of sun exposure if you work indoors all day, especially during the winter when there’s less sun exposure to go around in the first place. Go outside and take a quick walk around the block; you’ll come back feeling invigorated and have more energy for the work ahead.
  • Phone a friend. Talk to a friend about something non-business related: her holiday plans, favorite holiday specials on TV, the gossip from your old high school boyfriend, or whatever! Take your mind off of business and take the time to connect with someone who matters to you – it’ll do your heart good.
  • Help someone else. Doing good makes us feel good, there’s no doubt about it. Go down to the local retail store or church and grab an angel off their angel tree. Take a few minutes to shop for that person and then go home and wrap the gifts. Or bring a batch of cookies to your co-workers, send flowers to the residents at a nursing home, or shovel your neighbor’s driveway. Tis the season, after all!
  • Meditate. Just a few minutes of deep breathing, closing your eyes, and focusing on the moment at hand can be really energizing to get you through the rest of the day. In a season of chaos, it’s important to find ways to ground ourselves and invite in some zen.

So, what’s YOUR favorite way to take a break? How do you find down time in a busy season? Share with us in the comments below!

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