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Happy #MakersWednesday, you creative people!

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Have you noticed the blanket scarf trend that is popping up all over the Interwebs lately? One quick search on Pinterest tells the tale:

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The basic idea behind a blanket scarf is – wait for it – that it’s a blanket you wear as a scarf.

Before you get all scoffy, just think about it for a minute – when the weather outside is frightful, don’t you just want to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket pretty much all the time? Now you can! Not only that, you’ll be super fashionable if you do! Win? Meet Win!

The thing is, these blanket scarves are basically just a square of flannel fabric. No bells or whistles, no snaps or zippers, just a square that you wrap and fold in a variety of ways to make it wearable. When I started looking at blanket scarves online, I saw that they ranged anywhere from about $18 for the cheapest ones on up to way more than that.

Well, as a DIY-er, I just couldn’t deal with that. Any good crafty girl knows that armed with a pair of scissors and a good coupon from JoAnn’s she can beat that any day of the week.

So that’s what I did! I went to JoAnn’s and bought some flannel shirting fabric (it’s important to make it shirting because then both sides of the fabric are the same). Mine isn’t a perfect square but it’s good enough; if you really wanted to you could trim yours to make it even.

Then I sewed a line of stitching¬†on the cut ends of the fabric, running parallel to the cut edges about 1/2″ in. This will allow the fabric to fray slightly (and in fact, I pulled on the strings to encourage that), but the fraying stops at the line of stitching so the whole thing won’t unravel itself. In this photo, my seams are¬†positioned at the top and bottom of the scarf, where the frayed edges are:



Then I just tied it on and I was good to go! (My favorite method is to fold it in half like a triangle and wrap it around my neck, bandana-style.) And MAN, it is super comfortable and cozy and I’m finding tons of new ways to wear it. Favorite new accessory of the year!


So – what have you been making? Share it with us in the comments or tag it on social media with #MakersWednesday!

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