#MakersWednesday: Upcycled Throw

Posted By on Nov 5, 2014 in Handmade Love and Inspiration

Happy #MakersWednesday, everyone!! Let’s dig into those stashes and share what we’re working on, shall we?

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This week, I’m planning a new home decor project – an upcycled throw for my living room! We recently got a pair of new-to-us couches from my mother-in-law. I’m grateful to have them because my old couches were starting to fall apart, but the color is just not really “me.” They’re a sort of medium light blue shade, and our living room before was mostly earth tones. So I’m combining the two colors into a throw blanket which I hope will help to sort of unify things (and, to be honest, I’m planning to use it to cover up at least part of the not-my-favorite-style couches). So far, all I’ve got is this:


It’s a pile of old jeans and khakis that my kids had out-grown. I grabbed them out of the pile of ready-to-donate clothes and got to cutting. Right now, I’m busying myself with preparing these to become fabric – cutting out the seams, waistbands, and buckles and making a pile of flat fabric pieces. Next I’ll cut those into straight-line strips using my rotary cutter and mat. My plan is to make 2/3 of the quilt using horizontal ombre stripes from lightest to darkest, and the other 1/3 will be a checkerboard of random smaller squares. We’ll see how that works out.

Since these are heavier fabrics, I’m planning to use a heavy-duty needle on my sewing machine and heavier weight of thread as well. I’m not going to do batting for this one; I’ll probably just get a big piece of flannel for the backing and sew with right sides together, then turn and topstitch and do a few “stitch in the ditch” rows to hold the whole thing together.

Stay tuned!

So, what are YOU working on today? Share it on social media and tag it #MakersWednesday!

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