#ThinkCreateReflect: Go for a walk

Posted By on Oct 3, 2014 in Creative Business

Welcome to Friday, the day where we pause at the end of a busy week to #ThinkCreateReflect!

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I don’t know about you, but when autumn arrives I spend a LOT more time outdoors. I find it soothing to go to a place with lots of trees, if possible, and just take a long walk. We’re lucky to have a state park right here in town, so that’s my location of choice, but even the local playground walking track will do!

Annie Proulx has some advice on the subject:

“Walking induces a trance-like state that allows the mind freedom and ease and encourages exploration of odd possibilities and improbable connections.”

So, what about you? Do you ever find yourself stuck in a creative rut, or feeling exhausted by the work you’ve done and the work that’s still waiting to be done? Why not try taking a walk?

Then come back here and let us know what you discover!

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