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It’s Back-to-School time, and that makes it the perfect time to focus on educating yourself for the benefit of your creative business. So we’re rounding up a list of helpful resources to take you to school – in the comfort of your own home! Grab your laptop and a cup of tea and let’s get our learn on, shall we?

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc


Educational Resources for Creative Business Owners:

1. CreativeLive – This site hosts a variety of classes on topics in these categories: Photo + Video, Art + Design, Music + Audio, Craft + Maker, and Money + Life. Sounds like a ton of information that might come in handy for a creative entrepreneur, eh? You can take a class for free when it first airs (live), or purchase the class to have instant access to it at any time. Some of our favorite titles? Marketing for Crafters with Tara Swiger, Creating Websites with WordPress with Janine Warner, and Worth It: Negotiating for Creatives with Ted Leonhardt.

2. TED Talks – You’ve probably heard of this already, unless you’ve been living under a walk. TED is a site dedicated to the spreading of ideas. Though its original focus was on technology, education, and design – now you can find educational and informative talks on almost any subject. They’re quick and fun to listen to or watch while you work – see how they might inspire you during your next session of Making! Some talk suggestions for you: Let’s Teach Kids to be Entrepreneurs, Success is a Continuous Journey, and Your Elusive Creative Genius.

3. Udemy – Here at Patterned, we’re firm believers that you can learn practically anything online. Of course, part of the problem with doing a random search is that you’re going to get random results. Udemy takes the guesswork out of that, with their mission to teach anyone anything online. With courses in topics ranging from music to development to health & fitness, there’s something for everyone. For the creative entrepreneur, start with these categories: Marketing, Design, and Personal Development. There are several free courses available, and the rest are reasonably priced.

4. Khan Academy – What started off as a way for a creative uncle to help his nephews learn to enjoy math has exploded into a website with the goal of providing a world-class education to everyone, for free. While many of the courses available are for traditional classroom subjects like math & science, there are also courses available on topics that might interest creative business owners, like Entrepreneurship and Computer Programming.

5. Udacity – If you’re looking to expand your tech skills, this could be the place! The best that Silicon Valley has to offer has put together a wealth of classes on web development, software engineering, and more. Plus, they’ve even got a few non-tech classes, including How to Build a Startup.

6. – This site aims to teach people to improve their skills through online tutorial-based courses in business, software, technology, and creative skills. Become a member and get unlimited access to the courses, or watch the unlocked courses for free.


So, are you ready to go back to business school? Do you have any favorite sites for online education? Share them with us in the comments below!

PS. Want to create your own online courses? We love for its easy-to-use platform and customizable options!

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Welcome to Friday, the day where we take a moment in a busy week to Think about something new, Reflect on things past, and Create something entirely unknown! Each week we provide you with a creative, writing, or biz-related prompt to help inspire you in your working week. Enjoy!

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This week, it’s time to get out some paper or a laptop and write a letter … to your teenage self! So get out that old pen pal kit and get scribbling along with us:

Write a letter to yourself as a teenager. What would you tell her about your life as an adult? What advice would you give her in order to prepare her to become a creative entrepreneur? What do you wish you had known back then? Tell her!

See how this activity inspires the decisions you make in this stage of your life as you prepare for the next one. And if you’re feeling up to sharing, give us a shout-out on social media with the tag #ThinkCreateReflect!

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#MakersWednesday: Small Socks

#MakersWednesday: Small Socks

Posted By on Sep 10, 2014

Welcome to #MakersWednesday, where we take a mid-week break to celebrate the Maker in all of us!

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This week my youngest son got upset because the pair of “yarn socks” I made him last year no longer fits. He started to throw a tantrum, because “yarn socks are the only good socks and the other socks are terrible!” Though I don’t enjoy his tantrums most days, I had to chuckle at that one, and of course it made my knitter’s heart just melt! What was a mom to do? Knit another pair of socks, that’s what!

This time I decided to try knitting him a pair of tube socks, because that way they should fit longer than a traditional knitted sock with a built-in heel. We’ll see how he likes them; he’s extremely picky about how things feel on his feet, so he may not enjoy the lack of a structured heel. In that case, I can always build in an afterthought heel, so it should work out anyway.

Here are the socks, using some bright blue yarn left over from my mystery shawl (my son picked it out):

What have YOU been making this week? Share it with us on social media and tag it #MakersWednesday!

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It’s time for another Handmade Round-Up! Here at Patterned HQ, we’re big fans of handmade. So today we’re rounding up some of our favorite finds in the handmade marketplace, and we’re doing it with a theme! Since it’s September, that reminds us of apple-picking time. Mmm, cider, pies, butters and tarts!

And of course, a big, juicy collection of apple-themed handmade goodies!


photo credit: anne arnould via photopin cc

photo credit: anne arnould via photopin cc

Make your apple-loving statement in a big way with this gorgeous stump-turned-table from Real Woodworks! Bring your love of the outdoors into your home with this impressive conversation starter!

Apple Stump Coffee Table End Stool Seat Night Stand

image from Real Woodworks 1 on Etsy


Look at this amazing tea towel, screen printed with a design by Jane Foster. It seems to pretty to use to clean up spills, we’re dreaming of incorporating it into a sewing project instead!

New Scandinavian Screen Printed Apple and Flower Tea Towel Fabric by Jane Foster

Image from Jane Foster on Etsy


Want a necklace that makes a statement that’s good enough to eat? Look no further than the Tiny Hands shop, which is chock full of tasty, wearable treats, including this apple necklace! Wouldn’t it make a fabulous gift for a teacher?

Scented Apple Necklace

Image from Tiny Hands online


If you’ve got a taste for apples AND music, we’ve got just the thing for you! Celentano Woodworks has a huge collection of handmade musical instruments. This bitten apple ukulele is just the beginning!

Bitten Apple ukulele ( applelele )

Image from Celentano Woodworks on Etsy


Carry your rose red lip balm in an apple clutch and you’ll feel like Snow White! This adorable purse from All My Threads really hits the spot:

Apple clutch

Image from All My Threads

Wouldn’t you love to climb up in an apple tree and take a break from the world? Now you can, with this custom sampler from Soaptopia:

Up in the Apple Tree Bath Brush Gift Box

Image from Soaptopia


And finally, bring an apple to the teacher that will never rot! This adorable book art from Musique et Prose would look great on a shelf or mantle:

Book Art Apple

Image from Musique et Prose


So, have we missed anything? Which handmade items are currently the apple of your eyes? Share with us in the comments!


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Welcome to #ThinkCreateReflect, your weekly dose of reflection and creativity in a week full of busy To Dos.

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This week, we’re facing our fears!

photo credit: lennox_mcdough via photopin cc

photo credit: lennox_mcdough via photopin cc

What have you been afraid to do in your business – how has it held you back? Can you envision a way to move beyond it?

If you’re feeling particularly brave, share your fears with us in the comments below or tag them on social media with #ThinkCreateReflect!

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