#MakersWednesday: On Finishing and Frogging …

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This #MakersWednesday is brought to you by the letter F – as in finished! Frogging*! And the letter-grade I would give my most recently-completed handmade item …

*Frogging = a knitting term for ripping out the stitches of a knitted item in order to reuse the yarn for something else. Rip-it, rip-it, sounds like a frog. 🙂

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This week I finished up a project that had been hanging out on my needles since September of last year. Knitting this top was a bit of a slog (oodles and oodles of doing the same thing over and over again), so I gave myself frequent breaks. Sometimes really long ones. But this week I finally finished it!

So, why do I plan to frog it, you ask? Well, here’s the thing. In knitting, it’s very important to check your gauge (the number of stitches you’re getting in every inch) and to check that against the desired measurements of your finished piece. I did that repeatedly during this pattern, but somehow I screwed up the math. So the finished top is far too wide, which is NOT a flattering look on me. On top of that I nearly ran out of yarn so I had to knit it shorter than I had planned, so what I’ve got now is a top that fits me badly all over (down to the fact that I don’t even like the neckline!). I could try to take it in on the sides, but it would still be too short and not my favorite top, so I think I’d rather just reuse the yarn on another project another day.

You know, sometimes that happens with our handmade creations! You think you’re going to love something (This top is going to be so retro-cool, like something out of my mom’s closet but in a good way!), and then when you actually finish it you find it’s not what you were hoping for. The important thing, for me, is to just keep knitting, and take these little frogging flops as learning experiences rather than failures.

What about you – what has your making taught you this week? We’d love to see! Share it with us in the comments or tag it on social media with #MakersWednesday!

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