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Posted By on Jul 30, 2014 in Handmade Love and Inspiration

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This week, I’ve got a handmade baby gift to share! My best friend from high school just had her first baby. When my first son was born, this particular friend knitted him a hat that he wore all through his first winter, I loved it so much! So of course I had to reciprocate!

When another friend of mine had a baby about a year ago, she knitted an Owlie Sleep Sack for that baby, so I got to see first-hand what a convenient little contraption it is! Basically, it works like a swaddling blanket but without the blanket – you just pull it up over Baby’s legs and torso and it snuggles him in – with his arms tucked down inside or left free on the outside.

So I used a skein of my handspun yarn (meaning I spun this yarn on a spinning wheel from wool) to knit a modified version of that sleep sack for my best friend’s baby. I modified it to remove the owl details because this yarn is so busy that the owls wouldn’t show up anyway. Here it is:


I can picture my friend snuggling her little man in this cozy little sack – I hope it helps him feel the love that went into every stitch. 🙂

So, what’s YOUR favorite handmade gift for a new baby? Share with us in the comments below! And don’t forget to show us YOUR Makers Wednesday projects on social media with the hashtag #MakersWednesday!

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