#ThinkCreateReflect: Frustrating Creativity

Posted By on Jun 27, 2014 in Creative Business

Welcome to #ThinkCreateReflect, where we slow down at the end of the week and take the time to work through a creative or business-related prompt (or both!). We’re glad you’re here to join us!

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With this week’s prompt, it’s time to use your creativity to work through your frustrations!

Think of something that really irritates you: it could be a problem you frequently encounter, or a situation that always puts you in a bad mood whenever it comes up. Now, take out your notebook and list 10 ways you could combat that frustration. Think outside the box! If you have bees hanging out by your front door, maybe you can take up beekeeping or build them a bee palace further out in your yard. If you’ve been fighting with your spouse about who’s going to take out the trash, maybe you can hire a housekeeper to do just that chore, or build a robot that will take out the trash for you!
You never know where these creative exercises might lead – some of the world’s greatest discoveries were made by working through a frustrating situation. (Darn this mold on my experiment! Oh, hey, it’s penicillin!) You may just come up with a brand new invention – and at the very least, you’ll learn that there are ways to get around your frustrations.
If you’d like to share your creative solution with us, post a link on Twitter or Instagram and tag it #ThinkCreateReflect!
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