#MakersWednesday: Anime Quilt

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Welcome back for another round of #MakersWednesday, where we’re turning Hump Day into the best day of the week by sharing the creative juices in order to keep ’em flowing!

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This week I’ve got another quilt to share! I can’t really explain it, but my quilting mojo has been on fire lately, and I figure I’d better keep going with that enthusiasm before it gives out on me. Quilts for everyone, huzzah!

At this point in my quilting “career,” I have made quilts for each of my three children and a handful of other friends and relatives. But my poor husband has been left out, which was quite the oversight on my part. When I finally got around to the idea of making him a quilt, I asked him what he wanted. His answer? An anime-themed quilt.

I think my response was something along teh lines of: Uhhhh, okay?

But I’m not one to let these things get me down, so I started thinking about the elements I could incorporate into a quilt and make it anime-themed:

  • school uniforms (colors and patterns)
  • ninja stuff
  • fabrics that might be able to tie into the theme of anime and/or Japanese culture
  • quotes and symbols from his favorite anime shows

So I got to work! And this is what I came up with:

Mike anime quilt top


At this point it was just the top of a quilt, but rest assured by now it has been quilted, bound and finished. I incorporated the plaid, blue, green, black and cream that dominates so many of the school uniforms of the shows my husband prefers. I even included two blocks that look like school uniform blazers. Then I made a few friendship star blocks that – to me – look close enough to be ninja star blocks (featuring an awesome anime-esque otter print I got from an awesome friend). The black and white framed polka dot blocks contain printable fabric full of quotes and images from Hubby’s favorite shows. The majority of the fabrics are flannel and it’s backed in flannel as well, so as to keep him nice and cozy.

He must like it, because he snuggles up in it every night and carries it all over the house with him to stay warm during these chilly months of early Spring!

So, now it’s your turn – what are YOU making this week?

We’d love to see! Share your pictures on Instagram or Twitter and tag ’em #MakersWednesday so we can find you!

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