#ThinkCreateReflect: Paint it Black

Posted By on Feb 28, 2014 in Creative Business

Thanks so much for joining us for #ThinkCreateReflect, your weekly dose of “You Time” to think about what’s going on in your life + biz and where you’d like it to go.

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This week, it’s time to get out your watercolors!

Take a piece of paper, canvas, or a page from your journal and write out a list of insecurities you feel about your life or business. Try not to focus too much on this part, but just jot down the first few things that come to mind.

Now, take some black or dark-colored paint and color OVER those insecurities until you can’t see them any more. Let the paint dry.

Take a lighter colored marker or paint pen and write down the things that make you feel proud about your life and business on top of the darker paint. Try to remember this exercise any time you feel those insecurities trying to creep up to the surface again.

photo credit: erix! via photopin cc

photo credit: erix! via photopin cc


Share your creations with us! Write out the list of things you’re proud of and put them in the comments, or snap a photo of your art and put it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ThinkCreateReflect!

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