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Posted By on Feb 10, 2014 in Creative Business

Take a moment to think about the answer to this question: What was the driving force that led you to start your business? Did you get into business because you love to create, to put art into the world or to provide a creative service to your clients? Or did you get into business because you just LOVE spreadsheets, deadlines, and a never-ending cycle of making + selling?

photo credit: Celestine Chua via photopin cc

photo credit: Celestine Chua via photopin cc

Chances are, you got into business because you love to be creative. But somewhere along the line, maybe you got caught up in selling and tracking and promoting … and you forgot a little bit about creating. Does that sound familiar?

Of course you can’t run a business on creativity alone – there are some times where you just have to focus on selling, or you won’t sell anything! But if that’s ALL you’re focused on, this can be the quickest path to a total burn-out. What if you did something radical once in awhile? What if you followed your enthusiasm?

Maybe you’re feeling a strong desire to paint, even if you’ve never tried it before. Maybe you heard about a pottery class at your local community college and your heart skipped a beat. Maybe you’d like to audition for a local theater production. What’s stopping you? Go out there and do it!

The thing is, you don’t have to stop selling and tracking inventory and promoting your business in order to follow your enthusiasm. You can still do all of those things and find time to MAKE time for the things that you love all the same. After all, you’re a creative person: if you don’t take time to nourish your creative spirit once in a while, you might lose it. And by pursuing that creative spirit, you never know what new doors you might open for the future of your business.

Sometimes there isn’t any time left over at the end of a busy week. In that situation, maybe it’s time to let go of some things that have become stale in order to make way for something new and fresh. Your customers come to you for your creativity as much as they come to you for your product, so don’t worry so much. If you create it, they will come.

How will you follow your bliss this month? What’s something new you’d like to explore in order to nourish your creative soul? Share it with us in the comments below – we’d love to hear it!

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