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Every so often, we like to scour the Internet for articles and tips on topics we think our readers will love. Join us for today’s edition of Round ’em Up, where we’re rounding up the best of the web finding advice for providing excellent customer service when you’re a handmade business owner.

photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives via photopin cc

photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives via photopin cc

Before you start thinking about your own shop as the owner, take a minute to remember the last time you were a customer. What was the experience like the last time you shopped in a big-box multi-departmental store? In a small, local shop or restaurant? Online at a site like Etsy? Take a minute to list out the best and worst examples of customer service you’ve experienced from the customer’s end, and keep those tips handy when you craft your own plan for rocking the customer service in YOUR biz.

Then keep reading, because we’ve got more tips in store for you!

  • Tim at Handmadeology discusses the idea that in today’s world of online buying, it sometimes feels like our customers want MORE from us all the time, but they want to pay a lot LESS than they ever have before. Try to resist getting caught up in the emotion of that situation, and work with it instead! Tim’s list of 4 Tips for Stellar Customer Service will have you sailing to the top in no time, and your customers will come back for the service every time – deal, or no deal. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that last bit!)
  • At Going Home to Roost, Bonnie offers 5 tips to help you become a Customer Service Whiz. Among them? Think like your customer! Put yourself in their shoes to encourage positive communication, and try to find the good things in every complaint. After all, a complaint today can potentially improve your business tomorrow! Besides, as Bonnie points out, when you go the extra mile for a customer then they’re going to sing your praises across the Internet, and you can’t buy marketing that good!
  • At the Creative Income Blog, they’ve got an idea that just might make your customers all come back for more: treat every customer like they’re going to be a repeat customer. Of course, you can’t guarantee that everyone will return for a 2nd (or 200th) purchase, but if you treat all of your customers like you’re building a relationship with them and you want it to last, the odds are definitely in your favor. Read more about Encouraging Repeat Customers from Creative Income.
  • Whether you business is based online or in-person, your customer service is the make-or-break scenario for getting happy customers. Victoria Tane offers tips for Creating an Unforgettable Customer Service Experience at Handmadeology. Her tips are designed for selling in person, either in a brick-and-mortar store or at a craft show. But her advice, which runs the gamut from creating a welcoming environment to inviting customers to come back and see you again, will work for any situation where you’re representing your business to the public.
photo credit: jm3 via photopin cc

photo credit: jm3 via photopin cc

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the articles we’ve pulled together for you today! If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover in the next Round ’em Up, leave us a comment below! We’d love to hear your feedback, and we hope you’ll come back and visit us again sometime!

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